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Drug Addiction

Win Parry has been an Addiction Counsellor for over 40 years. She is well versed in most types of drugs capable of causing addiction. Win provides effective change based therapy to address substance misuse issues.

Win Parry Counselling provides counselling for drug addiction provided by a highly experienced and qualified addictions therapists. If you have come to this page you may well need help with your own or someone else’s drug addiction.

Entrenched substance misuse can directly alter the neurones in the brain. As an experienced and compassionate psychotherapist Win can help you start your recovery journey.
Don’t delay in getting help to make the necessary changes to deal with this destructive habit.


Sometimes alcohol rehab or drug rehab is the preferred option. Win Parry can advise and facilitate both alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs and is able to offer information on choices available and provide suitable aftercare.

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Win is able to see clients strictly by appointment only.